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More rockweed video:

  1. Fish in the Rockweed Forest  (2012)
  2. Lobsters in the rockweed (2013)
  3. The Rockweed Workshop (2011)

New! READ the FINAL DMR statewide rockweed harvest management plan January 2014.

READ 160 pages of public comment submitted to DMR as the statewide rockweed management plan was being developed.

COMPARE TO the Rockweed Conservation Consensus (19 February 2013), signed by 16 conservation organizations in Maine, requesting that specific protection measures for Maine rockweed habitat be incorporated into the final management plan.


rockweed birds

Left: A puffin caught these fish in rockweed (Eastern Egg Rock, ME, July 2013 © R. Bukaty) Right: Razorbill foraging in rockweed for fish (ME) (2012, Friends of Maine Seabird Islands)

LEGAL ISSUE: Who owns the rockweed? The intertidal shore to Mean Low Water is privately owned in Maine. Is cutting vegetation on private property "fishing"?

New! "The law is not clear," according to Mark Randlett of the Maine Attorney Generals Office. There have been no cases that indicate harvesting seaweed would be considered "fishing," he added. (2013)


New! Is rockweed harvesting "sustainable"?

New! Canadian government report: rockweed has been overharvested in Nova Scotia and the rockweed harvest must be regulated more carefully to be more "sustainable"!


FIVE STEPS you can take to protect Maine's intertidal seaweed habitat.

Rockweed Coalition Mission Statement: The Rockweed Coalition is a coalition of citizens working to promote conservation of intertidal marine habitat, and to end commercial cutting and removal of rockweed (the intertidal seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum) until studies can demonstrate that cutting rockweed does not harm the ecosystem.

Report unwanted harvesting or harvesting in conservation areas toll free:
1-888-4ROKWEED (1-888-476-5933)

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